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favorites_16.png  Some Info about the forum [message #1] Mon, 13 September 2004 14:01
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You must now be registered to post anywhere on this forum.

I'm afraid I had to enable account approval due to hacking attempts, but you can still register and I will approve accounts quickly.

This Forum is Alive and Active.

Please register because I would like to hear from you.

Anything you post here will be viewable by the public.


This is also the place you post regarding the items for sale located on this website to contact the seller. Select "New Topic" found at the top right and type in what item you are interested in and someone will reply to you very soon. The best way is to make an account so you will have a notice when someone replies to your message or leave your email address in the message. Please DO NOT post your phone number, as this is a public area. If you do not make an account or post an email address, then you will have to revisit this forum to see the response of the seller regarding the item you are interested in purchasing.

I use this method for contact so email addresses or other information is not released to the public. Therefore, it is best if you make an account so your information remains private too. It is really very painless and easy to make an account on this forum. To register with this forum follow THIS LINK. Feel free to read the Privacy Policy of this website if you have any questions about the information you may submit here. The link for the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer is located on the left navigation bar under "Search & Information".

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this is a free forum provided by Ken Baldwin
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